It’s never too late

So it has come to this. I’m starting a blog, and I think Flickr is to blame. I have been a amateur photographer since I was about 13. In years, I was happy with keeping the over 20.000 exposures I had done with my digital cameras to myself.

Or actually – I was not

Because of the few times I captured something golden, I wanted to show it to someone. Sometimes, I luckily smiled from the spectators positive reaction, and other times I was disappointed that the precious moment simply was flipped through like browsing bills or train schedules.

I guess this might be one of the reasons why blogging and social networking has exploded, populating in a rate of 5.000 pictures pr. minute. At least it’s mine. We’re not living in the 90’s anymore, where communication had to be regulated through the utterly few channels. Remember? We had the primitive possibilities of: Meeting in person, calling,sending a fax, letter, email, sms or mms. That’s it! (were there any other?)

it's never too late


I remember being utterly impressed that we coped with the complex dialects of the system already at that age. Now the possibilities has completely blown away all of it’s predecessors. Facebook is the narrator when some of my best friends first baby is born, and Twitter is the best medium to learn about new interests and opinions among my friends.

Flickr taught me to open up and have a bigger crowd for my pictures, and eventually how nice it is to share interests with both the world and my friends.

That’s why I – today – am starting a blog.

I think it will be about photography, music, randomness and communication. We’ll see.

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