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Hi’ya, there!

And welcome to the blog of bareForm / Bjørn Molstad.

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a.k.a “contact info” ;)

I am an Oslo-based director and conceptualist with over 6 years of experience from different parts of media and communication. This here is my newly started blog about communication, and in particular its use of visuals and storytelling, ref “Framing the Visual Age”.

This blog will be both a place to get my ideas concretizised, my fascinations for photography, technology, communication displayed, my writing skills improved, and a place to build and market my services and my company bareForm.

If you are interested in my job-history, head over to my work-section only in Norwegian, srz.

I love photography, and try to upkeep a healthy amount of pictures in my flickr-stream in addition to a couple of my videos on my Vimeo-account. I am thinking about publizising some of my music at some point, but for the time being I think it’s best kept under wraps. Anyhoo – have a look!

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